Off-site Processing and Remote Access

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Precise Medical Billing offers off-site medical billing processing and remote access to our reports, schedules and balances. We have developed a system that is fast, efficient and precise, which streamlines your office billing. We pick up your superbills and other billing documents weekly and we guarantee that patient wholesale nike nfl Jerseys from china account information will be set up in our system within five days of receiving patient insurance and claim information. We accurately submit your claims to primary- and secondary- responsible insurance parties electronically (this includes Medicare, Blue Cross and all other carriers on an electronic network). We post payment and adjustments quickly and accurately. We investigate and resolve all rejected claims. PMB supplies monthly statements and provides a list of patient balances over 120 days. These balances will be sent to collections based on your wholesale nike nfl Jerseys china review instructions.

A monthly summary is supplied and a variety of additional detailed reports are provided upon request.

We provide remote access to allow you to view all patient scheduling, balances and reports at cheap nike nfl Jerseys paypal any time, as well as virtual on-site billing, nike nfl Jerseys deal posting and updating of patient accounts. This eliminates the need for physicians to purchase expensive software and/or hardware. There is a one-time set up wholesale nike nfl Jerseys review fee for this service.

Finally, our fees are based on a percentage of reimbursements collected each month. This assures you that we place a priority on collecting the maximum number of claims.

If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.